National Networks

The medical community is wherever the patient needs care.

C3HIE participates in several national networks, including the eHealth Exchange and CareQuality. We do this because, while a regional HIE can have great coverage in a COMMUNITY, the healthcare COMMUNITY can easily expand— on a skiing trip, a vacation to the beach, traveling for work, or visiting grandchildren. By connecting to these national networks, C3HIE ensures that your healthcare information is CONNECTED and accessible wherever you go, maintaining seamless and comprehensive care.

Each of these national networks has different guidelines for participation. C3HIE is committed to following the guidelines of the networks in which we participate.

C3HIE Participation

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Enables access to critical information to support improved care coordination for patients by their
providers during transitions of care
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Social Security Disability Benefits Determination

Automates the request and retrieval of records to support applicants’ claims for disability benefits,
accelerating determination process
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Electronic Case Reporting

Enables providers to automatically transmit comprehensive case reports from the electronic health record
(EHR) to public health agencies
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Life Insurance Applications

Automates the request and retrieval of clinical records for life insurance applications Read More

Encounter Alerts

Enables event notification of clinical encounters (with robust clinical details) to state & regional
HIEs to populate longitudinal patient records
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C3HIE Participation

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Query-Based Document Exchange

Original and most widely used use case. Allows healthcare providers to search for and retrieve a
patient’s medical records from other participating institutions for treatment
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Electronic Case Reporting (eCR)

Facilitates the secure and standardized electronic reporting of public health data to government
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FHIR-Based Exchange

Leverages the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard to exchange a broader range of
healthcare data between providers
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Push Notifications

Allows a patient’s care providers to be notified whenever the patient receives care at a new location
within the network
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